Private Yoga Therapy

One on One Instruction in a Supported Environment!

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Private yoga therapy session includes one on one instruction in a supported environment for each student to learn using a combination of Soma Yoga, Yoga Therapy and breath practices to meet each students needs.

These sessions are best for folks wanting to find more freedom and functional movement, recovering from surgery or an injury or just wanting to take some time for self care.

Woman Doing Yoga On Nature Path

No Experience Necessary

No yoga experience is needed and sessions can be done standing, in a chair or on the floor based the individual needs of the client. Message or email me to set up a free 30 minute consult and to schedule a regular session.

No Experience Necessary

Sessions typically run about 75 to 90 minutes. Private Yoga Therapy is $75 per session and discounts are applied if multiple sessions are booked at the same time. Message me for additional info.

Intimate Yoga Class

“And now we’re suffering. Our bodies are suffering with lifestyle diseases, our minds are stressed, ur spirits are confused. And out primitive, habitual responses just aren’t working. What we need is a practice, nut just to alleviate our suffering, but to live the beautiful adventure we call life.”

— The Exuberant Animal by Frank Forencich


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