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CREATING A Community

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My mission is to create a community.  This community will be a supportive place where you are able to learn and grow and identify your true potential.  This community will allow you to see your unique gifts and apply them to better your community.

At Sky Blue Yoga and Wellness, we will use our practice of yoga and unique classroom offerings to help you find focus and be centered as you work to connect with others to promote personal and community growth.

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SOMA YOGA Therapeutic Yoga

Sky Blue Yoga and Wellness is unique to the area by being the first to bring somatics, soma yoga and therapeutic yoga to southwestern Minnesota.  This unique practice is provided through individual sessions and within group practice.  These three practices allow me to support you in healing and reaching your full potential on the mat and in day-to-day life.

Soma yoga is made up of small conscious movements that help to unwind the past chronic unserving patterns.  By unwinding the patterns of movement that you have been using for years you can open yourself to a new flow that allows for better movement and improved sense of wellbeing.

A GEM IN Southwestern Minnesota

Sky Blue Yoga and Wellness is a gem in southwestern Minnesota as it is one of the only studios located in southwestern Minnesota.  Enjoy the beauty the prairie has to offer while finding relaxation and mindfulness with any of the wonderful group or personal experiences that we can offer.


Orange Line

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