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Who doesn’t love doing a relaxing yoga pose in your favorite pajamas? Classes are offered weekly to help you stay centered in your busy life while you avoid the stress of getting out of the house on time.

Online classes will provide

  • A break to do something for yourself
  • The ability to reenergize and refocus
  • The opportunity to fill your cup so you can keep doing the great things you do!
Woman Doing Yoga In Park On Mat
Classic Yoga Pose


Join me on Mondays for a 60-minute, moderately paced vinyasa class that will help you build momentum to carry you through the week.

As we approach the weekend it is time to turn inward and take care of the stresses that we have built up through the week. Thursday’s 75-minute therapeutic approach utilizes a combination of classic asana and soma yoga to help relieve the tension from the hectic pace of your life. A guided meditation to close out the practice helps you restore your soul.


Orange Line

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